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Kuddly Kids Buderim

The brief was ‘chubby baby’ with a modern Australian colour palette. We started with the brand, and made sure it was easy (and fun) to use across all touchpoints, then we got the Shopify website up and running like a dream!

CrossFit Contessa

Tasked with tidying up the website, and improving the UX on this Shopify build. Some of the feedback from the client included referring to the sitemap as ‘gangsta’ and and all caps ‘I LOVE IT SO MUCH’… I’ll take that!

Allure Cosmetics Sunshine Coast

This is a cheeky little brand to get her business up and running, and the delightful client was brave enough to give my ‘website in a day’ a crack and we Got. Shit. Done! 

Informed Building Inspections

This client’s brand came together quickly, which happens when you have a clear idea of what you want. The WordPress website is an important sales tool for this business, and it’s wonderful to see that it’s working well for them. 

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